The Good, the Bad and the Nerdy

The Good, the Bad and the Nerdy is the official podcast of Superhero Network. It’s an hour-long show, hosted weekly by Mitchell Towers, Aaron Ducker, and Thomas Mole. They cover all things in the world of show business.

The Hosts


Aaron is also a fan of comic books, and tends to lean towards the more obscure titles, rather than the mainstream books – His favourite series being ‘The Adventures of Dr. McNinja’. In his spare time, Aaron is an independent filmmaker, and works on short films with his friends, which he releases on his YouTube channel.


Mitch is a passionate comic book reader and collector (his favourite series’ being Preacher and basically anything remotely related to Doctor Strange). He’s also a self-proclaimed “movie buff” – So this influx of great comic book movies is what Heaven looks like, in his mind.


Thomas is a YouTube and Twitch personality. He plays video games for his audience and commentates over the gameplay. He is also a professional meme curator, and currently has around 6,391,740 memes in his collection; which is the largest collection of dank memes in the World.