About SuperheroNet.com

Superhero Network is a passionate community built around geek culture! We report the news covering all mediums from movies to comic books. We also create original content in the form of videos, artwork, and podcasts.

Superhero Network was created by Mitchell Towers in August 2015, during what many consider to be the ‘golden age’ of comic book movies. Since it’s inception, the network has gained a combined total of 8,000,000 visitors throughout all of it’s social media outlets and continues to bring in another 300,000 unique visitors each month. We have now expanded our coverage to include all action, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror properties. However, our main focus will always be on the superhero properties that helped form our network.

We pride ourselves on professionalism and have a strict policy against click-bait and ‘fluff’ articles – “As the creator of the site, I can personally guarantee that we will never publish an unnecessary multiple-paged article or slideshow article. We’re in the business of making quality content, not a quick buck” (Mitchell Towers).

Meet The Team

Mitchell Towers | Owner/EIC
@MitchJTowers | WednesdayStudios
Mitchell is a passionate comic book reader and collector (his favourite series’ being Preacher and basically anything remotely related to Doctor Strange). He’s also a self-proclaimed “movie buff” – So this influx of great comic book movies is what Heaven looks like, in his mind. Mitchell’s original intention behind creating this site was to simply have one place where all of his content could be easily found. However, the initial idea snowballed and the result was this community-driven network.

Vytas Venckunas | Writer
Vytas doesn’t do social media. He likes to stay hidden, like Jason Bourne…
Vytas studies Psychology at Nottingham Trent University. He is an avid fan of anime and writes all of the anime-related content on the site. He is also a video game enthusiast and actually played for a professional Team Fortress 2 team, a while back. Vytas is also a science fiction fan and loves watching classic sci-fy movies. With his favourites being Blade Runner and Alien.

Thomas Mole | Writer
@Tom__Mole | MoleTM
Thomas is a YouTube and Twitch personality. He plays video games for his audience and commentates over the gameplay. In his spare time, he makes up 1/3 of The Good, the Bad and the Nerdy – A weekly geek-culture news podcast that covers comic books, movies, TV, and occasionally video games. Thomas is also a professional meme curator, and currently has around 6,391,740 memes in his collection; which is the largest collection of dank memes in the World.

Aaron Ducker | Editor
@AaronDucker1 | DuckerStudios
Aaron’s passion is music. He’s currently enrolled at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technology College, studying Audio & Music Tech. Aaron is also a fan of comic books, and tends to lean towards the more obscure titles, rather than the mainstream books – His favourite series being ‘The Adventures of Dr. McNinja’. In his spare time, Aaron is an independent filmmaker, and works on short films with his friends, which he releases on his YouTube channel.

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As mentioned above, our network’s social media outlets bring in 300,000 unique visitors per month. If you would like to work with us in promoting your products/services to a highly targeted demographic, send an email to advertise@superheronet.com